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Your Vote Counts

The Tucson Association of REALTORS® joined other business organizations to host the 2024 Tucson Mayoral Candidate Forum. We greatly appreciate Mayor Regina Romero, Dr. Ed Ackerly, Janet Wittenbraker for joining us and sharing their vision for the City of Tucson.  Thank you to the Tucson Business Alliance for the effort to ensure business community members had the opportunity to hear directly from candidates about some of the issues impacting business interests, including public safety, infrastructure, affordable housing & homelessness and economic prosperity.

You can watch the entire forum here

Mail ballots are out and REALTOR® Victoria Lem, running for Tucson City Council in Ward 1, needs your support and vote.

Why Support Victoria Lem?

Victoria Lem has an impressive background in real estate and a deep commitment to our city. As a fellow REALTOR®, she understands the intricacies of the industry and the challenges that both REALTORS® and homeowners face. Throughout her campaign, she has made it clear that her focus will be on real estate issues that affect all of us, from housing affordability to property rights and zoning regulations.

Rally Time!

Furthermore, Victoria Lem has shown a strong dedication to public safety. She recognizes that a secure and vibrant community is essential for the success of the real estate market. Her comprehensive approach to public safety includes supporting local law enforcement, engaging in community policing initiatives, and addressing the concerns of our neighborhoods to create a safer environment for everyone.

How you can help Victoria:

  1. Donate: Contribute to her campaign fund. Every dollar counts and will enable her to reach a broader audience.
  2. Encourage Your Colleagues: Talk to your fellow REALTORS® about the importance of this election and encourage them to support Victoria.
  3. Volunteer: Consider volunteering your time to help with Victoria’s campaign. Your support can make a substantial impact.
  4. Promote on Social Media: Use your social media platforms to spread the word about Victoria Lem’s candidacy and the election date.
  5. Vote on November 7th: Your vote is your voice. On election day, don’t forget to cast your ballot in support of Victoria Lem.

Learn more about how you can support Victoria’s campaign by clicking here.

Ballot Information | Pima County, AZ

As stewards of the real estate market, TAR recognizes the pivotal role that well-maintained schools play in driving property values and attracting prospective homeowners and potential employers to the city. By investing $480 million in TUSD schools, Prop 496 promises to not only improve the educational environment but also contribute to the overall quality of life in Tucson.

The proposed funding will allow for much-needed updates and renovations to aging schools, addressing structural deficiencies, and providing students with safe and conducive learning environments. Schools should be a safe and secure sanctuary for both students and staff, and the addition of security and safety systems is essential towards that effort.

Furthermore, the addition of security and safety systems will ensure that TUSD schools remain secure sanctuaries for both students and staff. Equipping every student with access to technology is a crucial step toward bridging the digital divide and preparing our youth for the challenges of the modern world. In endorsing Prop 496, the Tucson Association of REALTORS®  stands firmly behind the belief that investing in education is an investment in the future of our community, our economy, and the prosperity of all Tucson residents.

To learn more about Prop 496, click here.

Find City of Tucson proposition text here

By offering competitive salaries to elected officials, we can ensure that Tucson attracts a diverse pool of candidates who are motivated to work diligently on behalf of city residents.

Prop 413 also recognizes the importance of valuing the commitment and hard work of our elected officials. Adequate compensation can reduce the risk of financial conflicts of interest and allow elected leaders to focus wholeheartedly on the needs and concerns of their constituents. Moreover, higher salaries can attract individuals with a wider range of experiences and backgrounds, promoting diversity and innovation in city government. The Tucson Association of REALTORS® believes that Prop 413 is a vital step toward enhancing the effectiveness and integrity of our local government, ultimately benefiting our community as a whole.

Vote YES on Prop 402 to Incorporate Vail, Arizona and help improve the economic vitality of our region!  Incorporating Vail would provide local governance and decision-making powers to the community, allowing residents to have a stronger voice in shaping the future of their area. This, in turn, can lead to better planning, infrastructure development, and more efficient allocation of resources.

Additionally, incorporation can stimulate economic growth by attracting new businesses and investments, ultimately benefiting the local real estate market. It also enhances property values by improving the quality of services such as public safety and municipal amenities. By endorsing this measure, TAR seeks to promote a thriving and attractive environment for residents, bolster property values, and foster sustainable growth in the Vail area.

To learn more about Prop 402, click here.

Find the Vail Incorporation text, proposed boundary map and Vail voting centers here.

The Tucson Association of REALTORS® Elections Task Force consists of TAR members who are registered Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Task Force is responsible for reviewing, interviewing and endorsing support or opposition for all initiatives, ballot measures, and candidates for public office.