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2024 Candidate Endorsements

Tucson Association of REALTORS® 

TAR’s candidate evaluation and endorsement process is designed to ensure a fair and thorough assessment of all candidates. This process begins with a comprehensive questionnaire that includes both industry-specific and community-related questions, focusing on issues such as property rights, housing policies, and community development. Candidates’ responses are carefully reviewed to gauge their understanding and commitment to these critical areas. Following the questionnaire, candidates are invited for in-person interviews, allowing the Election Task Force (ETF) to engage with them directly and further evaluate their suitability. Per TAR’s policy, the ETF is composed of members from across the political spectrum, including Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. This diverse representation ensures that our endorsement decisions are balanced and non-partisan. Ultimately, the Task Force’s decisions are based on which candidates they believe will be the strongest advocates for private property rights, housing and community development, ensuring the best outcomes for our industry and community.

The Tucson Association of REALTORS® is pleased to share its endorsements.

Mike Jette, Democrat, Pima County Attorney

Mike’s extensive legal experience as a prosecutor and unwavering dedication to justice, integrity and community service make him an outstanding choice for this crucial role. His proactive approach to addressing the legal and safety concerns of our community aligns perfectly with our mission to promote safe and vibrant neighborhoods. His proactive approach to addressing key legal issues such as property rights, public safety, and community well-being sets him apart as a candidate and makes him uniquely qualified to lead with transparency and accountability.

We encourage all members of TAR to actively support Mike Jette’s campaign for Pima County Attorney. Your involvement is essential in electing a leader who will champion the principles of justice and community welfare that are vital to our county and the real estate industry. Join us in endorsing Mike Jette, and together, let’s work towards a safer, more just, and prosperous Pima County for everyone. To learn more and support Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney.

Learn how you can support Mike’s campaign here.

Edgar Soto, Democrat, Pima County Supervisor District 3

Edgar Soto has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our community and Southern Arizona. He will tirelessly advocate for policies that enhance economic growth, housing opportunities, and quality of life for all residents of Pima County. His vision for a thriving and inclusive Pima County aligns perfectly with our mission to promote responsible property ownership and real estate development.

Edgar’s dedication to improving local infrastructure, supporting small businesses, and ensuring affordable housing makes him an outstanding candidate for supervisor. His extensive experience in community service and leadership positions him as a proactive and solution-oriented leader who understands the needs of District 3. We believe that under Edgar’s supervision, District 3 will see significant advancements in sustainable development, increased investment in public services, and a balanced approach to growth that benefits everyone.

We encourage all members to get involved and support Edgar Soto’s campaign. Your participation is crucial in electing a supervisor who will prioritize the district’s needs and work tirelessly for positive change. Join us in endorsing Edgar Soto for Pima County Supervisor District 3, and let’s work together to build a brighter future for our community.

Learn how you can support Edgar’s campaign here.

Town of Marana Mayor Ed Honea for reelection

Mayor Honea has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the growth and development of Marana, ensuring that the community remains a vibrant and attractive place for both residents and businesses. His leadership has been instrumental in fostering a thriving real estate market, characterized by responsible development and a balanced approach to urban planning.

Under Mayor Honea’s stewardship, Marana has seen unprecedented growth in its housing and commercial sectors. His policies have supported the construction of new homes and commercial properties, created jobs and boosted the local economy. Mayor Honea’s dedication to improving infrastructure, such as roads and public services, has made Marana an even more desirable location for families and businesses alike. TAR recognizes his efforts in maintaining a high standard of living while preserving the town’s unique character and charm.

As we look to the future, TAR is confident that Mayor Honea will continue to guide Marana toward greater prosperity. His vision for sustainable growth, coupled with his track record of success, makes him the ideal candidate to lead Marana forward. We urge all residents and stakeholders in the real estate industry to support Mayor Ed Honea’s reelection, ensuring that Marana continues to thrive under his experienced and dedicated leadership.

Melissa Zuppi for Marana Town Council

Melissa Zuppi embodies the principles of dedication, innovation, and community spirit that are essential for the continued growth and prosperity of Marana. Her commitment to enhancing Marana’s infrastructure, promoting responsible development, and ensuring a high quality of life for all residents makes her an ideal candidate to serve residents of Marana.

Melissa’s proactive stance on key issues such as economic development, public safety, and affordable housing reflects her deep understanding of Marana’s needs. Melissa is poised to bring fresh perspectives and actionable solutions to the Town Council. Her collaborative approach and passion for community engagement will undoubtedly lead to positive outcomes for the town and all residents.

We urge all members to get involved and support Melissa Zuppi’s campaign for Marana Town Council. Your active participation is crucial in electing a leader who will prioritize Marana’s well-being and work tirelessly to ensure its continued success. Join us in endorsing Melissa Zuppi and let’s come together to ensure a bright future for Marana.

Learn how you can support Melissa’s campaign here.

Dr. Harry “MO” Green, MD for Oro Valley Town Council

Dr. Green brings a unique blend of medical expertise and community dedication to his candidacy, making him an exceptional choice to continue representing Oro Valley. His commitment to public health, safety, and quality of life reflects our values as real estate professionals who strive to create thriving, vibrant communities.

Dr. Green’s proactive approach to addressing the needs of Oro Valley is evident in his extensive background in healthcare and public service. He is dedicated to enhancing Oro Valley’s infrastructure, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring that all residents have access to quality amenities and services. With Dr. Green on the Town Council, we can look forward to informed and compassionate leadership that prioritizes the well-being of every citizen, fostering a community where both families and businesses can prosper.

We encourage everyone in Oro Valley to support Dr. Harry “MO” Green’s campaign for the Town Council. Your involvement is vital in electing a leader who will champion the needs of residents and work diligently for positive, meaningful change. Join us in supporting Dr. Green, and together, let’s build a healthier, stronger, and more prosperous Oro Valley.

Learn how you can support Dr. Greene’s campaign here.

Jennifer Repscher CFSD Governing Board Candidate  

As REALTORS®, we understand the critical role that quality education plays in enhancing our community and raising property values. TAR member Jennifer Repscher’s vision and commitment to improving Catalina Foothills Unified School District align perfectly with our mission to promote a thriving, vibrant community.

Jennifer advocates for policies that support school safety, educational excellence and parental partnership. Quality schools are a significant factor for families when choosing a place to live, and Jennifer’s dedication to raising educational standards will undoubtedly make our area more attractive to potential homebuyers.

We believe Jennifer’s leadership will lead to a brighter future for students and the community. We encourage all members of TAR to support Jennifer Repscher in the CFSD election and to spread the word about her candidacy. Together, we can make a significant impact and ensure that our community continues to thrive.

Learn how you can support Jennifer’s campaign here.

EngageU’s “Campaign Spotlight”

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Our EngageU Podcast kicks off with a Campaign Spotlight, sharing interviews with our endorsed candidates. Hear from the candidates directly on important key issues. 

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