Honorary Life Members and REALTOR® Emeritus Status

Honorary Life Member

Honorary Life Member is an extraordinary achievement. It is the highest recognition of service the Association can bestow on a REALTOR®. This achievement is in tribute to their professionalism, expertise and dedicated willingness to serve their peers and industry.

To be considered for this honor, an individual must have been an active TAR member for at least 30 years. During that time, they must accumulate at least 15 total years of volunteer service to the Tucson Association of REALTORS® in any combination of: Association Officer, Director, Committee Chairperson/Member, representative of the Association at the state level, Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) or at the national level, National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

As Honorary Life Members, TAR waives the member’s annual dues and assessments. At the state and national levels, the association pays their dues and assessments.

List of Honorary Life Members
* Retired

Joeann Fossland
John Hamner
Mary Jane Kurkjian
Jolene Neubaum
Laura Mance
Paul Olson
Thomas Weddingfeld

*Edna Allen
*Patricia Barry
*Hazel Forbus
*Sarah Frese
*Rose Marie Giorgianni
*Walt Giorgianni
*Mary Lee Greason
*Morgan Maxwell
*Christine Moore
*John Riley
*Charles Roberts
*Sallie Smith
*Arthur Tanner
*Eleanor Thompson
*Sharon Walsh
*Thomas Wright
*Mario Yrun

REALTOR® Emeritus Status

A REALTOR® Member who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or both, for a cumulative period of forty (40) years, is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status.

List of Emertius Members
* Retired

Nan Arena
William Arnold
Gary Best
Quentin Bryson
Sue Cartun
Joseph Cesare
Irvin (Jim) Chumbler
Vicki Cox Golder
Sharon Ellsworth
Mark Gilliland
Margaret Glover
Judith Grammond
Robert Herd
Perci Kain
Ronald Keeler
JoAn Kelly
Russell Long

Kip Longan
Shirazali Peera
Charles Pettis
Stephen Quinlan
Henry (Dan) Santa Maria
Thomas Sloyan
Dan Swango
Becky Taylor
James Tsighis
Stuart Watkins

*Patti Borden
*Alan Friedman
*George Griswold
*Richard Huff
*Harvey Mordka
*Charles Pettis