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Candidates must meet all qualifications as specified in the Tucson Association of REALTORS®, Inc. Bylaws.
All qualified candidates as determined by the Nominating, Credentials and Recognition Task Force will appear on the ballot.


Duties and Responsibilities of TAR Treasurer

Duties and Responsibilities of TAR Officers and Directors include but are not limited to: Monthly Board of Director meetings, Leadership Training, an annual membership meeting, awards event and installation ceremony.  Directors are encouraged to attend Association-sponsored functions and activities. Other duties and responsibilities specific to each office are listed below and in the Association Bylaws.


  • The Treasurer shall, in addition to responding to relevant requests pertaining to financial matters from the Board of Directors, be responsible for: 1) presenting a comprehensive financial report at each regular meeting of the Board of Directors; 2) reviewing and monitoring the Association’s accounts receivable, accounts payable, and dues status of Association Members; 3) being familiar with check signatory authorization and periodically monitoring for compliance; 4) investigating which employees have corporate credit cards and ensuring that adequate safeguards and controls are in place to control the use and accountability thereof; 5) periodically verifying which employees have spending authority and in what amount to ensure that those limits are not being exceeded; 6) reporting to and acting as liaison between the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors to ensure all parties are informed on important financial issues relevant to the management of the Association; 7) reviewing relevant insurance policies to ascertain the appropriateness of the Treasurer Continued coverage and the cost effectiveness thereof; 8) reviewing each deferred benefit plan ensuring compliance with the Association’s responsibilities; 9) reviewing the quality effectiveness and cost of the corporation auditors; 10) confirming that adequate records of the current dues status of all Members by category of Membership are being maintained ensuring accurate billing of Members; and 11) reporting all relevant and significant findings regularly to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall coordinate with the Staff Officer in charge of Finance and shall be entitled to have said Staff Officer assist in providing information, records and reports to assist the Treasurer in accomplishing the above duties all without creating interference in the performance of the Staff Officer’s regular duties.
  • The Treasurer serves as Chairperson of the TAR Finance Committee.
  • The Treasurer serves on the TAR Executive Committee.
  • The Incoming Treasurer will be a non-voting member on the Executive Committee.

Qualifications for Treasurer are indicated below (Refer to Article XIII of the Association Bylaws for Officer Duties):

  • Only REALTOR® Members of the Tucson Association of REALTORS® may serve as Officers.
  • To be eligible for the position of Treasurer, a Member shall have served one (1) year as an Association Director.
  • No REALTOR® shall be eligible to be elected more than two (2) successive terms in the same Officer position.
  • A candidate for Treasurer shall not have a pending, unresolved felony charge nor have a felony conviction within the previous five (5) years.
  • A candidate for Treasurer shall not have an unfulfilled sanction resulting from a REALTOR® Professional Standards hearing pursuant to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.