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Active KEY

The Supra ActiveKEY is designed to be active and ready to open lockboxes when you go to use it. The ActiveKEY updates itself automatically and sends information about showings to the Supra network using its cellular radio. Showing notices are also delivered to the ActiveKEY over cellular networks or to an optional email address so a listing agent can know right away when a property has been shown. The easy-to-read display window and the backlit keypad make it easy to use the ActiveKEY even in low light. A built-in flashlight illuminates dark doorways and entrances.



Use your smartphone as your lockbox key. The eKEY application uses your phone's wireless communications so you can do business anywhere. Choose from many different Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone smartphones.

Two service levels are available: eKEY Basic for common keybox functions, and eKEY Professional which enhances basic capability with added business tools such as storing MLS data on your phone, linking the listings to Google maps, and displaying showing details on your phone. 

Click here for a list of compatible devices.

Supra eKEY Guide

Supra eKey Authorization Code


iBox BTLE (Beetly)

The iBox BTLE (Beetly) is the approved lockbox for MLSSAZ. ActiveKEYs and eKEY enabled smartphones access the listing keys stored in the iBox BTLE key container. Members can simply point and beam their ActiveKEY or eKEY enabled smartphone's Bluetooth to interact with the iBox BTLE.
Each time an iBox BTLE is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identify of the keyholder. The information is delivered to Supra’s secure database and can be obtained using SupraWEB. The iBox BTLE offers the ability to customize showing hours, and an option may be set to require all showings be prescheduled with the listing agent.
*Some older smartphones may require the use of an eKEY Fob or eKEY Adapter to access the iBox BTLE.

Be sure and register your IBOX with SupraeKey. This online service is included at no additional charge and provides you numerous options and benefits from record keeping of showings to sending the showing agent a feedback survey on the property. and choose SupraWeb-Agent Login

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Key Purchases and Installations

Supra Lockbox, Lockbox Key Purchases, Installs, Upgrades, and Downgrades are performed at the TAR Office. ActiveKEY and Self-Install eKEYs may be done from opening until 4:00pm.

Staff offers guided eKEY installations with an appointment. Please call (520) 327-4218 for scheduling options. Before your scheduled appointment, please be sure you have created an account with the app store for your device (such as iTunes, Google Play, or Blackberry App world).

Support Resources

Supra Technical Support - (877) 699-6787
Supra Online Resources -
     -Online Technical Support
     -Login to SupraWEB Agent Website
     -Key and Keybox documentation
     -Supra eKEY Authorization Code

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