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In October 2023, the National Association of REALTORS® received an adverse verdict in a class action anti-trust lawsuit in Missouri. Following that verdict, Plaintiffs’ attorneys began filing copycat lawsuits all across the country. The copycat lawsuits often include state REALTOR® associations, local REALTOR® associations, MLSs, and brokerages.

Unfortunately, the Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR) has now been named in a copycat lawsuit of this nature, along with four of our local associations, and several corporate defendants. The claims asserted are similar to those advanced in other cases, which is that NAR and others conspired to artificially inflate buyer broker compensation. This argument is utterly false and not supported by the evidence.

Regarding the lawsuit recently filed in Arizona, the below questions and answers shed light on the Plaintiff, the claims asserted, the damages sought, and the NAR rules at the center of the case.

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