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Let AI Make a Brighter Tomorrow to your

Real Estate Business

9:00 am-11:00 am

Burton Kelso is a TEDx, keynote speaker, technology speaker, and cyber security speaker as well as the owner and Chief Tech Expert at Integral. He is also an on-air guest TV tech expert and consumer products expert. Burton helps remove the frustrations and complexity of computers and technology and opens people up to a world of new ideas, experiences, and opportunities. He loves technology, He’s read all of the manuals and he’s serious about making technology fun, safe, and easy to use for everyone! Burton offers his expertise in all areas of technology for consumers and businesses and is available for booking for your tv segment or for your event as a Keynote Speaker Speaking Burton is a prolific keynote, cyber security speaker that has spoken in front of business leaders of a variety of industries across the country including law, real estate, pharmaceutical, and medical. Burton delivers in-person and virtual presentations which include keynotes, as well as hour-long and delivers half-day workshops. Burton tailors his content to his audiences.