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DC NAR Legislative Meeting

WASHINGTON, DC  •  MAY 4–9, 2024

Advancing Issues Important to the Real Estate Profession

At the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings, thousands of members assemble in Washington, D.C., to conduct the business of NAR — advocacy work that makes us the most respected voice in real estate, protecting property ownership and advancing commercial and residential markets.

TAR Members and many of the staff leadership attended.

Catherine Wolfson, TAR President:

“Attending the REALTORS Legislative Meetings in DC was an amazing experience. I was thrilled to collaborate with similar associations around the country and felt proud to share our Association’s accomplishments. This was my first visit to the Hill, and I was fortunate to participate in meetings with Congressman Juan Ciscomani and Senator Mark Kelly’s offices to address issues such as veterans’ access to professional representation and other legislative priorities. Hill visits were carefully scheduled through our FPCs: JT Tsighis, Nikki Halle, and Steve Redmond. I also gained insight into what NAR is accomplishing for REALTORS by navigating a new upcoming sales environment that will be full of challenges and opportunities. NAR continues to find solutions to help us and the consumer. Furthermore, in DC, I was constantly reminded of how grateful I am to be a REALTOR and your 2024 President”

Shawn Cote, Director, Government Affairs:

“Attending the NAR Legislative Conference is always an insightful and valuable experience and worth the time invested. I participated in sessions of the Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee, which is actively engaged on regulatory issues impacting about development and environmental concerns. The briefings on federal issues provided a clear overview of the legislative landscape affecting the real estate industry and various policy opportunities and challenges to improve the industry, advance homeownership and increase the housing supply. The highlight was undoubtedly our Hill visit with Representative Juan Ciscomani, where we had the opportunity to advocate for important policies that directly impact REALTORS® and consumers, it was a valuable opportunity to share with the congressman the impacts of regulation on the housing market and where there are opportunities to remove barriers to homeownership.”

Christine Sanchez, Vice President Administration:

At the NAR board meeting held on Thursday, May 9, it was announced that Eric Gibbs, 2016 TAR Past President, was appointed as the 2025 Member Services Liaison. Chosen by NAR President Kevin Sears, his primary responsibilities will involve facilitating communication between the Leadership Team and designated committees, enhancing committee efficiency, and assisting in the identification of prospective committee leaders.

During the event, I attended various sessions, panel discussions, networking opportunities and gained valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the real estate market. One notable session I attended was the Emerging Business Issues & Technology Forum, focused on The Future of Real Estate – Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) Into Your Business.  The panel shed light on emerging trends such as smartphone apps for property scanning (e.g., CubiCasa) and AI-driven tools for operational efficiency. Discussions delved into potential risks such as privacy concerns and the risk of fair housing violations stemming from biased algorithms. The overarching message of the meeting emphasized the importance of embracing AI and other emerging technologies in real estate, while also recognizing the need for vigilance regarding unintended consequences and advocating for necessary regulatory adjustments.

James “J.T.” Tsighis, FPC Senator Mark Kelly: excerpt from FPC Report

“My first meeting was to the FPC Political Group: Senate Democrats. The purpose of this session was to review the following:
NAR’s President Kevin Spears letter to Executive Director of Veterans Affairs John Bell urging the VA to revise its policies pertaining to fees veterans cannot pay when using their VA home loan benefit. Current policies put veterans at significant disadvantage compared to traditional buyers. Veterans are denied compensation from their representatives directly which in turn may have them forego being represented, losing a sale in a low inventory marketplace and even discourage them from buying a home.” Read the full report here.


We invite you to join us in advancing and supporting real estate issues that matter in every community by continuing the critical policy conversations among REALTORS®, lawmakers, and industry leaders.