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   City of Tucson News

Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman Leaves Office
On Tuesday, Council Member and Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman announced that he will be vacating his council seat in order to run for the U.S. Senate against John McCain. Rodney was elected to office in 2007 and since his election he has worked hard to give the REALTORS® a voice and a place at the table with City of Tucson. During his time in office we have worked closely with him on many items and he has been an advocate of the REALTOR® party. Here are some of his accomplishments.

- Appointed REALTOR® members and staff to various committees including the Citizen Sign Code Committee, Residential Grey Water and Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Committee and Impact Fee Committee.

- Worked with Tucson Electric Power and the REALTORS® to allow power to be turned on in foreclosed homes for inspection periods.

- Worked to try and suspend impact fees during this economic crisis.

- Voted against development fee increase which affects affordability.

The Tucson Association of REALTORS® wants to thank Rodney for his work at the City of Tucson and his public service. Elected office is often a thankless job and Rodney has worked hard to be voice for the Tucson Association of REALTORS®. We want to wish him luck in his future endeavors and we look forward to continuing to work with Ward 2 and the City of Tucson on all real estate issues.

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