The Voice of Real Estate within Southern Arizona

As REALTORS® you have a full time staff of people working for you in Washington, Phoenix and right here in downtown Tucson.  We constantly monitor our federal, state and local governments to make sure that you can continue to do your job and serve your clients.

One of the most valuable tools we have to protect ourselves is RAPAC, our political action committee.  The resources we have available through RAPAC help us to make sure our voice is heard and the American Dream of homeownership is protected.

Here are just a few of the actions that have been made on your behalf:


- TAR eliminated expensive fines and penalties from sign code regulations in Oro Valley and Marana

- TAR successfully fought to protect Tucson homeowners from tax changes that would allow unlimited property tax increases in the future.

- TAR has endorsed Proposition 101 in Tucson to fix our roads and invest in new equipment for our police and firefighters.

At the state level:

- AAR passed legislation to prevent cities and towns from requiring REALTORS® to have to pay for expensive business licenses.This legislation alone has already saved you hundreds of dollars.


- NAR fought off new financial regulations that would have required a minimum 20% down payment on all mortgages.

- NAR fought off new regulations that would have severely reduced the type and availability of mortgages for your homebuyers.

- NAR continues to fight to protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction.

Positive change in our community depends on you. Your voice and your contribution to RAPAC today will make a difference in our community.


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