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When you think about the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RAPAC) you might think about Washington D.C. That is only one part of the story.


Did You Know?

1. We are the largest trade association in the entire country. We are the strongest voice in defense of property rights and home ownership.
2. 70% of all contributions made by you stay right here in our community.
3. All of the local candidates that we support are interviewed and endorsed by working REALTORS® that are members of the Tucson Association of REALTORS®.
4. Positive change in our community depends on you. Your voice and your contribution to RAPAC today will make a difference in your town.

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Top 10 Reasons to Contribute to RAPAC

1. Our key successes at the legislature are due to RAPAC contributions working with lobbying
efforts. Your contributions are used to elect pro-REALTOR® candidates at the local, state and
national level. When you contribute to RAPAC, you invest in the protection of your own business
and industry.

2. AAR has been victorious in passing legislation that will help reform the homeowners
insurance industry by requiring insurance companies to perform better due diligence prior to issu-
ing a binder as well as prohibiting them from increasing premiums when a claim was closed without
payment to the homeowner.

3. AAR proposed legislation to correct problems in the Good Funds law, which were delaying clos-
ings. Two new exemptions were added to the law that allow for immediate disbursement.

4. AAR worked diligently with the sponsor of the "DO NOT CALL" telemarketing bill to amend it to
allow a limited number of exemptions for real estate licensees.

5. AAR has consistently opposed any legislative measure proposed by the state and local govern-
ments to implement a real estate transfer taxes as a source of revenue.

6. AAR defeated legislation that would have put into place a tax on professional services
legislation, which would have harmed real estate licensees and the real estate industry by institut-
ing a 3-5% tax on every commission.

7. AAR considers private property rights to be a cornerstone of the real estate industry. We vigor-
ously oppose any legislation that would weaken property owner's rights as guaranteed under the
5th Amendment.

8. AAR has successfully opposed growth limitation policies. We supported a no campaign against
Proposition 202 and it was defeated by more than a 2-1 ratio.

9. AAR was successful in defeating legislative attempts by state government to increase their
authority over water rights by requiring landowners to adhere to onerous provisions.

10. Only through REALTOR® involvement in RAPAC can we effectively influence the election of
people to office who share the REALTOR® viewpoint on issues such as private property rights, professional service taxes, and impact fees. RAPAC is your voice...your investment!
Select the voluntary RAPAC contribution of $30 on your dues billing to ensure your voice and the
voices of REALTORS® across Arizona will continue to be heard! Why $30? To ensure that all
states contribute their fair share to the national RPAC effort, a states' annual goal is determined by
the number of members in that state based on the November 30 membership report.