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Housing Opportunities

REALTORS® are ideally situated to improve housing opportunities where they live. They are the first stop for the prospective home buyer or renter. Accordingly, REALTORS® can reach out – through personal involvement in their own communities – to those who need greater access to quality, affordable home ownership and rental opportunities.

NAR's Housing Opportunity Program was created in 2002 with the vision of positioning, educating and assisting REALTORS® to create housing opportunities for all. The Housing Opportunity Program offers programs, grants, trainings, and resources that help REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations expand housing availability and insure an adequate supply of rental housing and home ownership opportunities in their communities.

Housing opportunities are a moral and practical necessity in Southern Arizona, and REALTORS® are dedicated to increasing homeownership in our community. Providing access to resources for affordable housing, ensuring REALTOR® advocacy for fair housing, attending to the needs of those who require housing and preparing members of our community for homeownership are important goals of the Association

The Housing Opportunities Committee is charged with meeting these goals, helping to ensure that Tucson will flourish with affordable housing and community development programs. The committee works to achieve its vision by providing and promoting homeownership seminars, educating members and the public regarding fair housing, encouraging employer-assisted housing programs and working with our schools and teachers.
Financial Literacy Programs
From High School To Homeownership: The Four Key Financial Steps To Success


This program is designed to help high school students take a critical look at their future financial responsibilities and the process of purchasing or renting a home. Students will learn how their behavior with money and credit in their teen years can have long-term consequences regarding their ability to rent or buy a home in the future.

Teachers can utilize the program to enhance their students’ everyday life & workplace skills.
The presentations highlight the importance of financial literacy and the critical timing of it in this economic condition. While it may be some time before students consider whether they will rent or buy, having a clear picture of the steps involved will help them make better financial decisions now. Teachers will have an opportunity to invite professionals in the real estate industry to help students understand that their actions have a direct impact on their adult lives.  Not only do the students benefit from these wonderful lessons, but so do the teachers!

The “4 Key Financial Steps to Success” guide features four modules: Budgeting, Credit, Renting and Buying. The program also features an Essay Contest each semester where students have the opportunity to win scholarships by demonstrating their knowledge on the four key steps.

This outreach program has been in 29 schools and reached over 1,000 students for the past 8 years.


From High School to Home Ownership Awards Video


Making the Move to Homeownership

This program is a three part action oriented educational series geared toward the working adult.
In part 1 and 2 in the series, participants  learn how to improve their financial habits in regards to budgeting and savings, and how to obtain and maintain a strong credit profile.  In the final session, participants are shown these two financial skill sets as a foundation for their transition to successful homeownership. This program is built upon the theories based in the high school curriculum and incorporates real life action steps that they can implement.  We have implemented this program through community partners; such as, United Way, Tucson Urban, etc.



Arizona Financial Face-Off

This is a financial literacy competition among area high schools. This event and curriculum was developed through a partnership with the University of Arizona “Credit Wise Cats” and the Tucson Association of REALTORS®. The “Credit Wise Cats” are college students employed by the University to teach their own financial literacy curriculum in high schools. The Arizona Financial Face-Off competition allows teenage students to demonstrate their knowledge of financial literacy theories by engaging in real life scenarios that include a housing component. Students learn how their credit, income, debt, savings and budget impact their ability to purchase a home.